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This journal is friends-locked, with the exception of certain posts which are purely poetry and / or prose -- in short, creative writings -- and a few other exceptions.

If you think you should be on my flist and aren't, leave a comment here. If you think I don't know who you are, tell me where I know you from -- or if I don't know you, why you'd like me to add you. The friends-lock is just because I don't want random people coming across here and reading what I've blithered.

On the other hand, if you add me and I know who you are, the odds are good I'll add you back. :)

In the same vein, if I de-friend you, it's probably not because I have issues with you, but because I don't feel there's much in common anymore. If (gods only know why) you'd like to still read my self-absorbed ramblings, tell me and I'll put you back on.

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Takarazuka VHS/DVD List

VHS TapesCollapse )

<tr><td colspan="4"> </td></tr>

DVDsCollapse )

WishlistCollapse )

Last updated 09/01/14
These shows have not been received yet (whether in transit or pre-ordered).
Shows with the VHS number in this colour have not been converted to DVD yet.

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Zuka Advent Calendar Catch-Up: Days 6-19

Majorly behind. In my defence, part of that was going up north last weekend -- stayed in Monterey with Kimu for probably the last time before she moves, and went up to San Jose Saturday for the winter cosplay gathering at Christmas in the Park. It poured, and it was awesome. XD I was a lazy ass and wore a closet-cosplay Hanajima and tried out my coat for New York, and in light of the weather that was a good thing; dealing with Kaya's wig in that rain would've sucked rocks. The other bulk of the delay was trying to finish La's demonbirdie hoodie so the parents could take it when they left for Japan yesterday, which I managed, but it was a damned close thing.

But now that they're gone, and work is manageable levels of insane, time to catch up on this thing. XD

Day 6 – Favorite Graph Cover ShootingCollapse )
Day 7 – Funniest moment in a RevueCollapse )
Day 8 – Best Photobook/Mook that was ever printedCollapse )
Day 9 – Favorite Theme Song from a ShowCollapse )
Day 10 – Most horrible Outfit ever (on- or off-stage)Collapse )
Day 11 – Favorite Otokoyaku DanceCollapse )
Day 12 – Favorite Costume from a ShowCollapse )
Day 13 – Favorite current MusumeyakuCollapse )
Day 14 – Favorite Stage KissCollapse )
Day 15 – Favorite Kageki PictureCollapse )
Day 16 – Favorite ShowCollapse )
Day 17 – Funniest/most embarrassing moment in your fan lifeCollapse )
Day 18 – Favorite song from a non-stage CD releaseCollapse )
Day 19 – Favorite Costume from a RevueCollapse )

THERE. CAUGHT UP. Let's see how behind I can manage to get in the last few days. XD

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Zuka Advent Calendar - Day 5

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Zuka Advent Calendar - Days 1 and 4

Day 1 – Favorite ChirashiCollapse )

Day 4 – Favorite Pair DanceCollapse )

There, ahead of the game 'cause I probably won't have a chance to post tomorrow. XD

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Zuka Advent Calendar - Days 2-3

So I'm terrible at daily anythings, but I think I'll try and do the Zuka Advent Calender meme this year. It totally won't be daily because I'm sure I'll be posting multiple days at a time but OH WELL. XD

Coming back to Day 1 when I'm at home and have my chirashi binder on hand. XD;;

Day 2 – Favorite Graph FeatureCollapse )

Day 3 – Favorite RevueCollapse )

(ALSO, JAPAN IN MARCH IS GO. SO EXCITED. ^____________________________^ Now to plan all the things like where I'll be when and what I'm seeing and where to stay and and and and and -- !!!)

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Ocean's 11

glitteryopinion reminded me that I hadn't posted about this show yet. It's not the most coherent or in-depth of responses, but it's something. XD

So the important thing to know it that the day I went to go see Ocean's 11, I was being powered by caffeine and sparkles. There had been some sleep fail previously, but the night before I'd slept two hours, gotten woken up around 2am by some noise, fallen back to sleep, woken up again around 4am, and sleep eluded me between one roommate's snoring and the other turning her light on without pulling the bed curtains closed around 5am. Four hours of broken sleep does not a coherent Charis make, nor did the ~45 minutes I snatched on the shinkansen help.

The actual show.Collapse )

And is it just me, or are the Tokyo daigekijou seats smaller than in Takarazuka? It might have been the lady who sat next to me (who I swear was six feet tall and rather broad besides (and Japanese, so that was odd) ... and who also had bathed in perfume, fuagh).

I didn't stick around for demachi like I'd originally considered, because I was dead tired, had a heavy bag of loot from Taka-an (half-off all print matter = good and bad both for my wallet?), and was meeting pashoshi and [personal profile] xelloss_poo for shabu-shabu (which was delicious and totally worth missing demachi for. Club wear noticed before: Beni (puffy black winter jackets with "Kurenai" across the shoulders), Toyoko (beige sweaters (? they were wearing them tied over their shoulders) with a thumbprint and crosshairs and "Suzumi Shio" printed on the front), and Chie (charcoal scarves with fluffy mallard-blue trim accents (and at least an R -- I'm not sure if there was more text) and possibly wrist-warmers to match.

(Still catching up on e-mail and everything I didn't get done before I left. You don't want to see what my pile of work at work looks like, let alone at home ... Hopefully I can get back to sleeping normal hours soon and then it can start to diminish.)

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So. Um. Infinity.

The ticket I got was blind -- I gave my sister's friend a price range and said, "Get me what you can." So third row, but dead last seat on the right. I was a little unsure about this at the beginning because it was a pretty extreme angle on the stage, but it turned out to totally not matter enough for me to care.

I wrote out notes, but they degenerated very quickly into brief sentences and hearts. The short version? I want this show and I want it NOW, or at least a CD recording, and there are no words for how sad I am that this is exceedingly unlikely to ever happen (can we at least get it on iTunes, Hankyu? please? ♥).

More babble, not really much more coherent.Collapse )

And that's about as much coherence as you're getting out of me tonight. What I spent to see this show was totally worth it, and I wish I could do so again, but sadly that's not happening.

At least I have Ocean's 11 in Tokyo to look forward to tomorrow. ♥_♥ Even if that means it's almost the end of the trip. But not thinking about that; shiny thoughts! And an early morning to catch the shinkansen. Hopefully no one decides to take a 2:30am shower and wake me up again. T_T

ETA cause I fail at names go me.

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Resurrection / Canon

So yesterday I went to Takarazuka with my sister pashoshi and two of her friends to see Resurrection / Canon. It was my first daigekijou experience, and the first Hanagumi show I'd watched since Gubijin, so ... there was a lot new to take in. Can I use that as the excuse that, as soon as we got out, I decided I wanted to ditch their karaoke plans in favour of seeing it again? (Which I got to do -- there were a fair number of open seats, actually, though IDK if that was because it was in the middle of the New Year's holiday or not.)

I feel like I should preface the following by disclaiming that I rather reliably FAIL at coherent reports ... so yeah. I'll try? XD

ResurrectionCollapse )

CanonCollapse )

My take-aways from the show are (a) Ran-chan has developed into some pretty serious awesome, (b) DAMN IT HANAGUMI STOP TRYING TO SEDUCE ME BACK, and (c) Eritan-Mirion?

And that's about as coherent as I'm likely to be. My notes really aren't much better than this writeup.

And now I'll get off the hostel computer before I monopolise it forever. XD

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So because some people have been asking and I'm lazy, truffle "recipe" post! Better pictures to come sometime next year?

Basic Dark TrufflesCollapse )

VariationsCollapse )

FlavouringCollapse )

ETA: if anyone does try using this recipe, I'd be interested in hearing results! ♥

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Holiday Cards, Take #5278

So every year I swear to do these, but THIS YEAR I WILL DAMN IT. REALLY. Either kitschy postcards (well, I do live in a tourist town) or holiday cards -- specify if you've a choice and/or if your December holiday =/= Christmas (like me :D ). ♥

Want a card? Leave me your address and anything else you feel like mentioning -- it might make for more interesting cards. XD ♥ Comments are screened.

THE END. *scampers back to work*

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BRB DYING LAUGHING FOREVER (link via Diane Duane on Twitter)

Why is this not in English? My German sucks rocks!

PS: this makes me want to somehow add a (small) crossbow holster when I make pantelettes for Sisi cosplay. BAD PLAN.

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[sticky] 2010 Cosplay Planning

So with the 2009 con season basically done for me, now I get to plan like woah for next year. Hi, my name is Charis, and I like to overplan neurotically? :D

Last updated: 09/16/10. Updated percentages, updated Fanime and NDK.

Now with more tables!Collapse )

I'm sure things'll change as I do or don't accomplish stuff and as gatherings fall into place, but that's at least the plans at the moment. (And yes, some of those pictures are meant to be ambiguous. Heeeeeeeee.) There's a whole lot of new stuff on there, but in theory if I pace myself out it should all be viable. (Which means I need to get me a hemming minion so I can pin Kaya's underskirt hem. Right. *adds that to her list*)

Now back to work and staring at this TD. Urgh, Monday.

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